I didn’t need a new project…

Today I went to the Social Justice Sewing Academy to help with an embroidery class for teens. They had lots of help, so mostly I sat and embroidered one of the fabric collages that kids had glued. They get volunteers to embroider all the fabric pieces down before they are sewn into a quilt. Sara, the founder of SJSA came up to me and asked if I could find embroidery volunteers for 6 blocks made by Lakota youth. They want this quilt finished by the PIQF quilt show, so these blocks have to be embroidered by Sept. 15. I am so busy right now that I really don’t have time for this. I said yes anyway. I’m not going to embroider any of the blocks myself, but if I take them to the EBHQ meeting on Mon and the EBMQ meeting on Tue, I should be able to find 6 volunteers. It’s too dark to take photos now, but I’ll try to post photos of the blocks soon.

An update: At the EBHQ meeting on Aug. 27 I managed to find 6 people willing to embroider speedily, and take the quilt blocks home. However, I never got a photo of the blocks. I hope to post a photo when the blocks are done.

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