Fast baby quilt

DJ baby quilt

This is the baby quilt I’m almost finished with. I’ve already put the binding on. All it needs is the label, which will be heart shaped. It’s a two sided quilt and I don’t want the label to detract from the back. Here’s the back
DJ baby quilt back


This is a present for my friend Robin’s grandson, who hasn’t been born yet. I asked for the couple’s favorite colors. I was told, “ocean, forest, sun-just like our wedding colors.” so I gave them fish in the ocean on the front, and yellow and green on the back.

I didn’t look at the alphabet panel carefully when I first sewed the front together. I then realized that it was a double alphabet. I felt the quilt was too large in any case, so I took the second alphabet out, and sewed it back together, smaller.

DJ baby quilt first try

Here it is before I shortened it.

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