C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

Improvisational Stained Glass Quilt Class

Take some scraps, fat quarters or yardage, cut out triangles, rectangles, or other shapes, of various sizes, and sew them together with narrow strips of contrasting fabric. Trim them into blocks of the same size, or not. With the right fabrics, the pattern practically glows. This class is great for learning to design your quilt as you go, and also for improvisational thinking. Although it’s harder than it looks to sew all these random shapes together, Claire makes it seem easy with her encouragement, and tricks of the trade. Three hour class. Confident beginner+


Improv star

Improvisational Mystery Quilt Class

This is a great class for beginner and intermediate quilters, or anyone who loves the challenge of improvisational quilt design on the design wall. Learn to make a variety of simple blocks. Then, the fun continues, when we put them on the design wall, and discover so many different, but wonderful ways to put them together. Usually, with a mystery quilt class, there is only one right way to put them together. In this class, everyone can end up with a different quilt, from the same blocks. Beginner to intermediate


Slightly Sober Path 2012

Slightly Sober Path 2012

Circular Rectangles

This class explores curved piecing in a rectangular block. Learn how to boldly cut curves with a rotary cutter, but without a ruler or a cutting line! Stack four rectangles of different colored fabrics, cut through all of them, shuffle the layers, and sew together four different blocks from each stack. This is a process class. Once you learn the process, the world of curved, pieced quilts is yours to explore. Three hour class. Intermediate


Tree of life hamsa, with binding, no beads

Easy Machine Appliqué with Fusible Web

Before Claire made appliqué quilts, she was an accomplished “paper cutter”. Learn paper cutting techniques to make stunning appliqués with fusible web backed fabric. We will cut out our appliqués with scissors, and/or Exacto knives for accuracy, then iron them to a background. Several options for stitching will be covered, such as zigzag/satin stitch, straight stitching, and monofilament. One meeting, three hour class. Appropriate for all levels.







Exploring the Hamsa

A hamsa, is a stylized hand for protection against the “evil eye,” frequently worn as jewelry. Found throughout the Middle East, hamsas are made by both Jews and Muslims, but predate both religions. Come learn about the folklore of hamsas, as we make them out of paper or fabric. The basics of paper-cutting, a traditional Jewish folk art, will also be taught. Learn paper cutting techniques to make stunning appliqués with fusible web backed fabric. We will cut out our appliqués with scissors and/or Exacto knives, and iron them to a background. No artistic talent or sewing is required to make stunning hamsa designs. The finished paper-cut hamsa can be framed, to hang on the wall, and a fabric hamsa can be a wall hanging or become part of a quilt. Appropriate for all levels.

One class meeting for three hours. Materials fee of $5 to the instructor.