Work in progress

Work in Progress

I’m working on two things at once. The other thing is 8 different layout options for Chunk of the Month-but I can’t share them util after Thursday when EBHQ has the meeting when we reveal Chunk #6. Here’s the quilt I can show you! I started some of these circular rectangle blocks while teaching the technique at Hello Stitch. Then there are pieces I made for both Lone Robins, and earlier leftovers that didn’t get used in whatever quilt I was working on. So, this is kind of a kitchen sink quilt, where I make the disparate pieces play well together.

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Playing with the chunks!

playing w chunks 1


I’ve been having fun, playing with the chunks! I think the first one looks like a string of beads. Here are two more options:

playing w chunks 2

playing w chunks 3The middle one is my favorite! I like the diagonals!


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5th Chunk of the Month!

When Julia first told me about Chunk of the Month, she was hoping I would do wonky versions, that would contrast with her more traditional ones. I did curved triangles for the first chunk, but none of the other chunks seemed to lend themselves to this treatment. I tried curved piecing for #5 but didn’t like the result. Here’s the process:

Chunk 5.1

First, I cut curves.

Chunk 5.2

Then I cut the same curves into the second fabric. It’s important to cut both fabrics right sides up!

Chunk 5.3

I sewed the pieces together and cut it down to size.

Chunk 5.5

This is what Chunk #5 would look like. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t worth the effort to make it wonky. I decided to change colors as I haven’t used any light blue since the first chunk.

Chunk 5 blue

Now I just need to make 7 more of these!

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4th Chunk of the Month!

I have now finished the 4th Chunk of the Month. Here are all four of this month’s chunks.

chunk 4

I played around with chunks #3 and #4, not sewing them together, but just exploring the possibilities.

chunk 4 and 3 together

I really like this combination!

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Chunk of the Month #3

chunk 3

This is the third Chunk of the month. I made four of these blocks. In Julia’s example, all of the light fabric was the same white.

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Sing back

Sing back

I decided to use the word sing as the back of my second lone robin quilt. I haven’t figured out the quilting yet, but I’ll make it up as I go along. Below is the front of this quilt.

LR top finished

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Today I was the Zoom host in Cheryl Arkinson’s EBHQ class on piecing letters and words into quilts. It took me most of the day to make this. Singing is what’s kept me sane though the pandemic! Well, maybe both singing and quilting!

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Chunk of the Month

March began with a new mystery quilt activity designed by Julia McLeod, who brought us our two Lone Robin activities. Each month Julia will provide a new PowerPoint of the Chunk, which will be revealed at Quilters Gather. Participants will sew four or eight Chunks each month, then set aside those Chunks for future assembly.

At the end of six months, the quilter will have 44 Chunks, which will create a 48” square quilt. Julia will provide yardage requirements and measurements for each Chunk. She will suggest a variety of settings for the Chunks. No two quilts will look the same!

Julia has asked me to do wonky/curved/my own take on the Chunk of the Month. Here are my first two chunks of Chunk of the Month. More details are on the EBHQ website.

Chunk 1

Chunk 2

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Voices in Cloth quilt show is next weekend!!



Here’s the quilt I just finished quilting and delivered with my other quilts for the Voices in cloth quilt show!

Claire_ShermanThe East Bay Heritage Quilters’ show- Voices in Cloth is March 26 & 27. You can find all the info at

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I’m teaching in person!

NC 2

I’m teaching an in-person workshop! And it’s free (plus $5 for art supplies) Details below:

Making a Paper-Cut Hamsa

A New Lehrhaus workshop with Claire Sherman

Free plus $5 for art supplies

March 20, 2022- 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Masks and vaccination plus booster if eligible, required!

hamsa is a stylized hand for protection against the “evil eye,” frequently worn as jewelry. Made by both Jews and Muslims, hamsas are found all over the Middle East but are older than either religion. Learn about the folklore of hamsas, the basics of paper-cutting – a traditional Jewish folk art – as we make them out of paper using scissors and/or Exacto knives, and glue them to a background. No artistic talent required to make stunning hamsa designs! The finished paper-cut hamsa can be framed and hung on the wall.

Bring $5 cash, or check made out to the instructor, or PayPal, for tools & art supplies.

Register at:


Congregation Netivot Shalom

1316 University Ave

Berkeley, CA 94702

 Claire Sherman creates quilts, ceramic sculpture, and Jewish ritual objects out of fabric, paper, and clay. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, with a BFA in ceramics, she spent a year in Israel, where she learned about hamsas. She has taught art workshops in paper cutting, quilting, and Jewish ritual objects for adults and children throughout California.

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