First finish of 2024

Seed Pods, quilted


This week I finished quilting and binding my Seed Pods quilt. I used a facing, sometimes called an infinity binding rather than a traditional binding. It’s such a relief to have finished it! This is one of my quilts for the Voices in Cloth Quilt Show on March 23 and 24 in Oakland. More info at › VIC

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New photos!

Claire Sherman_Axis Mundi Jacobs Ladder_1of3.jpg


I’m preparing a slideshow of the quilts that were in my solo show at St Albans for EBHQ Quilters Gather on 1/11/24. I’ve been taking new photos because my old photos aren’t up to my current standards. If you go to you can request the Zoom link. Quilters Gather starts at 7 PM. Here are a few new photos.



Above is Axis Mundi: Jacob’s Ladder

Claire Sherman_Gesher Tzar Narrow Bridge_1of3








Above is Gesher Tzar: Narrow Bridge

06 Blue Pomegranate Hamsa 12 x 12








Above is Blue Pomegranate Hamsa. It looks huge here but it’s only 12″ x 12″.

Below is First Lone Robin.

17 First Lone Robin H 45 x W 34

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Seed Pod pinned and ready to quilt!

seed pod pinned





Seed Pod pinned at Bay Quilts

The first photo is at EBHQ’s Open Quilting. The second photo is at Bay Quilts at the EBMQ meeting. Now I just need to quilt it before the Voices in Cloth deadline!

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A plethora of hearts


Here is my latest batch of hearts. I used the two inches of quilt that I cut off my all-blue quilt for the Prism Play show. Then I sewed two strips together and had enough for a 4″ heart. I used a tight zigzag stitch to sew them together. If you double click on the image, it will get larger, so that you can see the hand stitched details.

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My quilt top from Sarah Goer’s class

Squares in progress

I took a Zoom workshop with Sarah Goer on making an improv quilt with squares. Each of us cut out random squares of fabric- mine ranged from 7.5″ down to 2.5″. I decided that I didn’t want to deal with 1.5″ squares! We each arranged our squares (differently) on our own design walls. My design is above. Then we drew our arrangement on graph paper, taking into account that when sewn the squares would each lose a half inch. Then we drew in the background squares we’d need to finish the quilt. Here’s my drawing:

Squares on graph paper

Then we cut out all the background squares and rectangles and sewed them all together. I used three different background fabrics: math themed, radio diagrams, and music fabric. Although I tried to avoid partial seams or Y seams, I did end up with one. Here’s my finished quilt top, all made in one day.



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More hearts!

purple heart

R W and B heart

I placed both of these hearts somewhere in Asheville, NC for someone to find. Check out I found a Quilted Heart. I’ve really enjoyed the hand sewing on these, and how quick they are to make.

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I found a quilted heart

first heart

This is the first heart that I left for someone to find. I checked back, two days later and it was gone. I needed a small hand sewing project to do in my sister’s hospital room. Go to for more info!

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Dance  half quilted

I’m almost done with the quilting on this quilt. I started out by using orange thread on the orange and blue thread on the blue. But mostly I’m doing orange thread on the blue as well.

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Tu Bishvat: the trees’ birthday

Here’s a link to a YouTube that I am in and advised the filmmakers on. In the credits they call me, “Seder Advisor, Host and Nut Wrangler.”  This obscure Jewish holiday starts Sunday night, February 5th.

(See the new Videos menu tab for instructional videos).


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I took a Zoom workshop with Irene Roderick!

Irene Roderick workshop day 2

Irene Roderick’s workshop was called Dancing with the Wall. It was an improvisational process class. We were limited to using only two solid-colored fabrics. Each of the quilts that the students made were very different from each other. This is mine at the end of the two-day class. I have quite a few blocks or components, but they aren’t sewn to each other, yet.

Here is Irene’s process: 1. Place fabric or component on wall 2. Step back at least 6’ to really see how it acts (reverse magnifier works) 3. Audition in several places 4. When satisfied, leave on wall and move to next component 5. Repeat.

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