A lovely time was had by all.


Here I am with my new friend June, at Quilting in the Garden in Livermore.

I am now the co- workshop coordinator for EBHQ. I was worried that Sujata Shah’s workshops might be canceled because there weren’t enough people signed up. I sent an email to the Lib-Quilters, (an online quilt group I’ve been part of for years), that offered anyone in driving distance a place to stay for the weekend if they signed up for Sujata’s workshops. June was the only one to take me up on my offer. We had a wonderful weekend together. We have corresponded in the past, but this was the first time we ever met in person.

In 2012 I wrote 300 words about why I love the Lib-Quilters for Quilters Newsletter Magazine. It’s on my blog on the “publications” page.

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Blocks from Sujata Shah’s class


I had a lovely 2 days, learning free form blocks with Sujata Shah. We made her hourglass blocks, lattice blocks, endless mountains, and crossroads blocks. The blocks on the bottom left are a mistake that I salvaged by adding a piece of grey fabric to one side. ( Sujata suggested that I add fabric to it. The grey was my idea). The blue and yellow zigzag is what Sujata calls endless mountains, but placed sideways. The second day we spent the whole day making crossroads blocks.



Above are are the crossroads blocks. They look like wonky flowers to me.


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Wonky log cabin

log cabin

I found a really well made tutorial for wonky log cabin blocks. It’s called Artful Improv Demo with Cindy Grisdela. It’s a promo for her book, which is also called Artful Improv. Here’s my block, made following her directions. Hers was made entirely with solid colors. I decided to go with a combination of solids and prints. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this block. I just wanted to try one while the directions were fresh in my brain.

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Stenciled bag

I found an old canvas bag, and stenciled both sides.

bag 2bag 1

The hamsa stencil was made from the freezer paper left over from designing a 12 x 12 hamsa. The mandala was a raizelech or snowflake, also cut out of freezer paper. I stenciled each color carefully, one after the other. The leaves are some of April Sproule’s stencils.

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Video of me!

Here’s a brand new video of me teaching you how to make a paper-cut hamsa. https://www.bimbam.com/paper-cutting-hamsa/ There are two more videos coming soon.


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Making my own stencils


Although I had a great time exploring stencils in April’s class yesterday, I missed using my own imagery. Flowers and insects are great, but I missed hamsas and pomegranates. So I decided to make some of my own. Here are some of my new stencils. Most are make of plastic, but the white ones are freezer paper. I’m going to another stencil class with April Sproule on Monday. I’m going to try out these stencils there. I don’t know if the freezer paper will work. It might be good for a single use.

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Stenciling with April Sproule


I had a fun time today, taking a stenciling workshop with April Sproule. Although this isn’t my usual cup of tea, it was interesting to play with her shapes and colors. The bugs and the leaves were my favorites. With my new volunteer position in EBHQ as the workshop assistant, I will be taking a free workshop once or twice a month.

Here are some of my tee shirts with stencils on them. I really like the bug on the sleeve detail.

image image

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Pomegranate hamsa quilted


I sewed a straight stitch on both sides of each vine! Although labor intensive, this is quicker than the zigzagging I used to do on each edge.

Here is a detail:


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Fussy cutting

imageI’m not usually a fan of fussy cutting, but sometimes it’s what you need to do. I decided I wanted four squares with this ball/flower in the middle. Now I remember why I don’t like fussy cutting! There’s too much wasted fabric.

imageOn the right are the squares. All the fabric on the left is not usable for this block. Of course I won’t throw anything away. I’ll save it for another project.

I’m making a block for a friend. It’s a liberated or wonky star.

imageHere it is, done!image

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Wonky Stars class!


I’m teaching a class on “Wonky Stars” at Hello Stitch on October 8 from noon to 4 PM. click here for the registration link. This class is good for beginners as well as more advanced quilters. It’s a simple stitch and flip technique. If you don’t know what that means then this is the perfect clas for you.

Here’s another quilt with this technique.


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