EBHQ has a new color challenge each month. Last month it was orange when I was coincidentally working on an all orange quilt! This month it’s violet. Here are two small quilts I made a few years ago, with violet.

Violet 2

This was a UFO swap challenge from the 12 x 12 group. Anyone who wanted to participate brought in a UFO (Unfinished Fabric Object) that they wanted to get rid of.  I didn’t bring one because I’m still attached to finishing my UFOs. One person brought in two. The group decided to give me this one, because it was in, “my colors.” I think Janet Mednick pieced the block. I cut a hole in the middle, added the white fabric, and the quote. Then I quilted it and added four white buttons. If you double click on it you can see the details.

Here’s another one with violet:

Violet 1

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A doll quilt for an owl

Liora doll quilt front quilted

Here’s the front of the doll quilt I made with owl fabric in the middle. I practiced my free motion quilting on it. After it was finished, I realized that it wasn’t a quilt for a doll, but for Liora’s plush owl. Her owl’s name is, HooHoo. Sure enough, when I gave it to her she immediately covered HooHoo with it. Here is the back of the quilt, which Liora seems to think is the front.

Liora doll quilt backI couldn’t resist putting more owl fabric on the back.

Here is the front and back of a little purse that I made with owl fabric, also for Liora.

pursePurse back

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I thought I was done!

Orange top finished

I sewed the pieces together and trimmed the uneven edges. When I measured it , it was only 46 inches long. I may loose more than an inch in the quilting and facing. This quilt needs to be 45″ in length and 15″ wide. I am adding a couple inches to the top.

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Today’s orange dilemma

I’m sewing together the separate sections of my Orange quilt.  I realized that the orange curve that I wanted to continue into the next block actually works better if it continues into the lightest color curve.

Orange bottom 1

Above is what I was intending to do. Below is how I will probably sew it together. The new version also makes the browns line up together.

Orange bottom 2

It’s a subtle change, but really adds to the flow of the quilt!


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Tonight’s progress on Orange

Here’s tonight’s progress on my orange quilt. There was a piece of the lightest fabric in the middle of the quilt that really bothered me. I performed surgery and inserted more orange instead. I’m glad I did it! The quilt looks much better to me now. Here it is with the seams taken out, but the light fabric is still there.


Fabric is cut out.



Orange fabric is sewn in.


fix.3Here’s the rest of this evening’s progress.



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Speed Date with Improv!

I took two EBHQ Zoom classes with Krista Hennebury #poppyprints. One was Speed Date with Improv which was totally up my alley! We made a bunch of blocks while learning a bunch of techniques. Everyone used black, white plus one color. I (somewhat randomly) put all the blocks on my design wall. I haven’t decided yet how I will sew them together.

Speed date w improv

The other class was a Courthouse Steps layout of the log cabin block. All the fabric strips were cut without a ruler and without measuring. I did manage to sew all the blocks together, because I was afraid that if I took it off the wall I’d never get it back together again.

Courthouse steps


These randomly sized blocks were put together with filler or coping strips. Many of these strips were pieced from the trimming leftovers. Here is mine before I sewed it together.

Courthouse steps in progress

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Working on orange

Yesterday I worked on my orange quilt for SAQA’s Prism Play challenge. I filled in some of the gaps and started sewing the blocks together.

tilted OrangeI took this photo, and didn’t like the way the horizontal seam that goes through the top circle seems to run downhill! I repositioned it, and liked it better.

tilted orange no longerI still have a lot more to do on this quilt. Most of the blocks are not sewn together.


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I’m working on my 15″ wide X 45″ long quilt for SAQA’s Prism Play challenge. I’m making an orange quilt and a blue quilt. I can only use the colors on the color card I received- no white or black, either. Prism Orange

Above is my pile of fabrics that match the card.


Above are the first four blocks. This photo has the truest color. The other photos are too dark, and not orange enough. The quilt won’t be sewn together like this because that would be wider than 15.”


In addition to the rectangular blocks I made four square blocks. Above, I started arranging them on my design wall.



I decided that I needed a lighter light, and made four more square blocks with a flesh tone as the lightest light. Also, the gap in the top circle inspired me to fill it with a pieced accent strip.


Here it is with the accent strips added, after a little more rearranging of the blocks. The blocks on the sides may not make it into the final quilt. I’m still several days away from sewing all the pieces together.

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Lone Robin top finished!

LR top finished

This is my Lone Robin quilt top finished, with all 6 elements completed. I added the three turquoise squares on the top by machine applique, since the top was already sewn together when I decided to add them. This is a dark photo, I’ll try to get a better photo in different light.

To recap, the 6 elements were:

  1. Points or triangles
  2. Strip piecing
  3. Organic/Curves
  4. Paths/Roads/Ladders/Stairs
  5. Gradations in color or strip size
  6. Quilter’s choice

Each element needed to be adjacent to the element before it.

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Lone Robin element #6 continued


Here I am auditioning two different squares, between the orange “mountains.” I didn’t like either version. Either way it looks like eyes and a frowning frog mouth. I decided to do more orange in a “V.”


Above I’m auditioning a blue square on point, and a striped square on point. After finishing the orange strips, I decided it needed some turquoise. I’ll add the square with appliqué since the quilt is already pieced together.

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