5th Chunk of the Month!

When Julia first told me about Chunk of the Month, she was hoping I would do wonky versions, that would contrast with her more traditional ones. I did curved triangles for the first chunk, but none of the other chunks seemed to lend themselves to this treatment. I tried curved piecing for #5 but didn’t like the result. Here’s the process:

Chunk 5.1

First, I cut curves.

Chunk 5.2

Then I cut the same curves into the second fabric. It’s important to cut both fabrics right sides up!

Chunk 5.3

I sewed the pieces together and cut it down to size.

Chunk 5.5

This is what Chunk #5 would look like. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t worth the effort to make it wonky. I decided to change colors as I haven’t used any light blue since the first chunk.

Chunk 5 blue

Now I just need to make 7 more of these!

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