Orange Is the New Purple II

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

This is a quilt I made last spring as a wedding present for friends. These are some of their favorite colors. I had to buy a lot of new fabric for this quilt, because, I rarely used orange before making it. Then, the back of this quilt inspired another quilt, which I named Orange Is the New Purple, because usually my quilts have a lot of purple in them.

Here is Orange Is the New Purple:

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

Now, I’m working on a new quilt, using the same technique as the wedding quilt. I’m calling the quilt “Orange Is the New Purple II. I’m calling the technique, “improvisational stained glass”. I’m hoping to teach this as a class soon. However, I need a quilt to demonstrate the technique. Since I gave away the first one, I need to make another. I’m almost done quilting it with a walking foot.

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  1. Lisa Tait says:

    Your quilts are fun and gorgeous!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lisa. The blog wouldn’t look as good as it does without your help in setting it up!

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