WIP (Work In Progress) new amulet

Amulet, a work in progress 2015

Amulet, a work in progress 2015

Happy 2016! This is what I’m working on. It will be a double layered 12″ x 12″ quilt, similar to the one below. However I’ve been working on the precision of the satin stitch edge. I’m much happier with the new one, even though there are other things I love about the one below.

Amulet For Healing 2015 (12" x 12")

Amulet For Healing 2015 (12″ x 12″)

I pieced it with commercial cotton fabrics and batting, then embellished it with machine and hand embroidery, obsolete Israeli pay-phone tokens “asimonim”, glass and wooden beads, and two mirrors from India.




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