A slow beginning

I’m working on another version of the previous quilt. For the medallion format, I need 8 of these 4 pointed stars, which will surround an 8 pointed one. I’ve made two different color versions of the 4 pointed star, and I’m not happy with either of them.

4 pointed star blocks. rejects

I think the grey background on the left, is not different enough from/ yet not similar enough to the lavender, to work well. I’m not happy with the all lavender one either, because I don’t have enough lavender fabrics to choose from. I also think the darker fabric on the upper left is too dark for the other three fabrics.

Please leave a comment if you have a color suggestion for the background fabric. I’m thinking I need to go significantly lighter, or significantly darker.

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4 Responses to A slow beginning

  1. Jo Stauffer says:

    Hard to say a preference or suggestions when seeing only two blocks. What the center block looks like with these two blocks could help, and seeing more of them might as well. Sometimes you just have to keep going and audition, then decide to either continue on, or save those you have rejected for another project. (there are always more liberated projects to make, right?) . I like the stars with the lavender background. So two thoughts on that. Could you trade some fabrics with friends to get more lavenders? Also, perhaps you could slide into some pinks for the backgrounds. On the monitor, the backgrounds look more pink than lavender, but then I love pink!! As for the darker lavender one that you don’t like, what about turning it on the ‘wrong’ side. I frequently use the back sides of my fabrics if I need to ‘lighten’ up the color, especially in a scrap quilt where the pieces are fairly small. if you did that with all your lavenders, you now have twice the amount of lavenders as before.
    In the end, just trust your intuition. Your projects are always beautiful!!

  2. Sally says:

    Hi Claire, These are nicely pieced stars. I agree with you about the background colors (gray being too light and dark square blends in too much). I noted all the colors you are using are cool colors. What about introducing warm colors for the background? Maybe alternate background colors since you don’t have enough lavenders? Are the eight point stars these same colors? Look forward to seeing what you decide to do! Have fun with it!

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