Matching fabric

imageI didn’t have enough of this light blue fabric, so I went shopping. There was only one fabric in the whole store that worked. The fabric on the left is the one I was trying to match. The one on the right reads as almost the same color, from a distance of ten feet. I bought it at a lovely, brand new, local quilt shop: Bay Quilts, in El Cerrito, CA.

Here is the quilt with the new border.


The inner border is the old fabric, and the outer border is the new one. They do look remarkably similar, from a distance. This quilt top is done, and ready for backing and quilting. I’m not going to quilt it yet. I want to start work on a quilt for the Sacred Threads show, which is due at the end of December. I expect to be working on it all Fall, with occasional breaks to work on 12 x12 quilts.

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  1. Sally says:

    I like the two blue borders! The two fabrics add more interest than if they were the same fabrics for both borders. They are so close as to not draw attention away from your stars, but just slightly different enough to add interesting detail! It’s a win-win!

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