New hamsa

imageI made this one because my Tree of Life hamsa sold! The 12 x 12 show is still up at Bay Quilts  until 12/28, but someone bought my hamsa, and now there’s a blank space where it used to be. I made this one to replace it. I’m happy that it sold, but the blank spot really bothered me. I wanted to finish it quickly, so I worked on it most of the day on Thursday, and finished it after midnight. I’m not sure how I feel about the colors. It’s certainly vibrantly colored, though.

I read that you can use two layers of acrylic felt as the batting in a small quilt. It’s especially useful if you’re going to hand embroider it. I had some bearding (the batting poked through), on some of my 12 x 12s when I embroidered them. I used the felt batting in this hamsa, but then I didn’t do any hand embroidery on it, just machine embroidery. I do like the stiffness of it though.

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