A gift of black and white pieced strips

At my small quilt group/bee we were going through the group’s stash, and getting rid of fabric we were unlikely to use in the group’s projects. I took home a bag which included many  pieced black and white strips. You could call them piano keys. They are leftovers from a quilt the group made of a cello. Here’s a not very good photo of it.


Here’s my pile of black and white strips.


I thought that I would make postcards out of them, but that was too small a format. Then I realized that April is almost here and I haven’t started my 12 x 12 yet. The black and white strips seemed to need some red.


I really like these thin red strips. They are only 3/4 of an inch wide.

I added the little blue and red squares, but it needed something else.

imageI sliced it diagonally and offset the two pieces.

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