Library Quilt Show


Yesterday there was a celebratory walk through of the quilts in the currant library show. Mine is the orange one. The show will be up through June 4th at the main/central Berkeley Public Library on the 2nd floor. This is the 36th annual show. I’ve lost count of how many of these shows I’ve had a quilt in, but it must be at least 10. The first library show I was in, was when the show was still at the North branch library. It was one of my really early quilts.CFS-111230 024KlimptThis quilt was inspired by Qustav Klimt’s paintings. The detail shows the 3D effect of the mini¬†quilt within the bigger quilt.

081125 - 1208 progress & quilts 067

After attempting to quilt this quilt with my regular sewing machine’s foot, and running into problems, I bought a walking foot. I love quilting with the walking foot!

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