Wonky log cabin

log cabin

I found a really well made tutorial for wonky log cabin blocks. It’s called Artful Improv Demo with Cindy Grisdela. It’s a promo for her book, which is also called Artful Improv. Here’s my block, made following her directions. Hers was made entirely with solid colors. I decided to go with a combination of solids and prints. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this block. I just wanted to try one while the directions were fresh in my brain.

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2 Responses to Wonky log cabin

  1. Thanks for sharing my Improv Block demo–I’m glad you found it helpful! Your block looks great. I like the combination of solids and prints–especially the bike fabric.
    I’m always intrigued by how many ways there are to make interesting Improv Blocks! Hope you have fun making it into a quilt at some point.

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