Quilt finished after many different versions



Here’s version one. I pieced the stars, and wanted to enlarge the quilt with out piecing any more stars. I love this Asian crane fabric, and the friend I’m making the quilt for loves to go bird watching. However, the two just didn’t go┬átogether in the same quilt, even though the colors worked together.

Blue2Next I tried this strip of four-patches on point, leftover from the quilt I made for Elisheva when she left for college, 6 years ago. Since there’s no other black fabric in this quilt, it didn’t go either. I liked the fabric on the bottom though.

Blue 3


Here’s another try using more extra blocks from Elisheva’s quilt. There’s too much black and grey, although I like the combination of small squares and large squares.

Blue 4

Then I tried the curved piecing on the bottom. I thought that by echoing the curves on top that I could make the cranes work. I loved the curved piecing, but not for this quilt. I might have to make another quilt based on this curved piece.

True Blue Stars

Finally! Here it is, finished and quilted.

True Blue back


It has some bird fabric on the back, but not the cranes. I got this bird fabric for free at EBHQ drop in. Since I was having so much trouble with the front, I had already pieced the back when I decided the cranes didn’t fit the front.


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2 Responses to Quilt finished after many different versions

  1. Sally says:

    Claire, your quilt is beautiful! Shall we call it the Blue Bird quilt? No bluebirds, but you made it blue for your friend and you specifically included the bird fabric for her….What a special friend you must be to her! I hope she enjoys it. I enjoyed seeing all the variations you considered and reading about your thought process as you considered each idea.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sally. Blue Bird is a good name for it. My friend is old enough to be my mother, but isn’t a relative. She is sort of an adopted grandmother to my daughters.

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