Cathedral window quilts

old cathedral window

Here is a cathedral window pillow that I made in the 1980’s, entirely by hand. I hadn’t made one since then, but I’m teaching a class on how to make them at HelloStitch in June, so I’ve been researching them. A lot has changed since last time I made one. I found 5 different ways of making them: entirely by hand, 2 versions entirely by machine, and 2¬† that are a combination of hand and machine. I stayed up till 1:30 last night making a postcard sized one for the Berkeley Public Library’s quilt show. I made it¬†entirely by machine, because I was in a hurry, and I wanted to see if I liked it by machine.

postcard cathedral window

Here it is, above. I’m pretty pleased with it, but the craftsmanship is much higher when it’s done partly by hand.

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