Shibori, felting and fulling class



Last weekend I took an EBHQ workshop with Yoshiko Wada. Here is a photo of some of our experiments.

image image

Above is master shibori artist Yoshiko Wada showing us how to brew natural indigo and demonstrating shibori. Since shibori is a form of tie dye, I asked her where tie dye was invented, Japan or India? She said that historians believe that both countries developed it independently of each other.


Here is my output for the 2 days from the top left: wool shibori, fulled, stitched and dyed wool, shibori underwear, cotton shibori, and 2 cotton shibori dyed shirts.

I also learned the difference between felted and fulled. Felted refers to wool that hasn’t been woven. If you do the felting process on a woven wool fabric, it is fulled not felted.




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  1. I stitched it together using a running stitch and button thread. I pulled the thread tight as I went. I then fulled the felt keeping the folds tight together as I fulled.

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