Back story on Lone Robin quilt

Lone Robin without top row

I have a tendency to procrastinate, and all this Covid quarantining is draining my creativity. However deadlines are a great motivator for me. There was a midnight deadline to send the photo of my Lone robin to the SFQG. By midnight that night this is what I’d accomplished. Although all 6 elements were there, I hadn’t finished the top row. I emailed the photo above to Julia and kept working till 2 AM when I finished the top row. That’s when I sent Julia the photo below.

Lone Robin SFQGEven though this won the prize at the SGQG meeting, I wasn’t happy with the top row. I decided that I want an orange diamond in the center of the top row, and different orange curves on either side. I have taken apart the top row and am redoing it before the EBHQ deadline of January 1. Since I am the one picking the 4 prize winners for EBHQ, I won’t put my name in the hat.

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  1. Robin Cowley is a San Fancisco Bay Area based textile artist who works with felt, cotton and silk to create her graphical work. Robin s abstract contemporary quilts use a clever combination of colour and space to great effect. Her inspiration comes from nature, avant grade architecture and the universe.

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