Speed Date with Improv!

I took two EBHQ Zoom classes with Krista Hennebury #poppyprints. One was Speed Date with Improv which was totally up my alley! We made a bunch of blocks while learning a bunch of techniques. Everyone used black, white plus one color. I (somewhat randomly) put all the blocks on my design wall. I haven’t decided yet how I will sew them together.

Speed date w improv

The other class was a Courthouse Steps layout of the log cabin block. All the fabric strips were cut without a ruler and without measuring. I did manage to sew all the blocks together, because I was afraid that if I took it off the wall I’d never get it back together again.

Courthouse steps


These randomly sized blocks were put together with filler or coping strips. Many of these strips were pieced from the trimming leftovers. Here is mine before I sewed it together.

Courthouse steps in progress

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