Chunk of the Month

March began with a new mystery quilt activity designed by Julia McLeod, who brought us our two Lone Robin activities. Each month Julia will provide a new PowerPoint of the Chunk, which will be revealed at Quilters Gather. Participants will sew four or eight Chunks each month, then set aside those Chunks for future assembly.

At the end of six months, the quilter will have 44 Chunks, which will create a 48” square quilt. Julia will provide yardage requirements and measurements for each Chunk. She will suggest a variety of settings for the Chunks. No two quilts will look the same!

Julia has asked me to do wonky/curved/my own take on the Chunk of the Month. Here are my first two chunks of Chunk of the Month. More details are on the EBHQ website.

Chunk 1

Chunk 2

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