My quilt top from Sarah Goer’s class

Squares in progress

I took a Zoom workshop with Sarah Goer on making an improv quilt with squares. Each of us cut out random squares of fabric- mine ranged from 7.5″ down to 2.5″. I decided that I didn’t want to deal with 1.5″ squares! We each arranged our squares (differently) on our own design walls. My design is above. Then we drew our arrangement on graph paper, taking into account that when sewn the squares would each lose a half inch. Then we drew in the background squares we’d need to finish the quilt. Here’s my drawing:

Squares on graph paper

Then we cut out all the background squares and rectangles and sewed them all together. I used three different background fabrics: math themed, radio diagrams, and music fabric. Although I tried to avoid partial seams or Y seams, I did end up with one. Here’s my finished quilt top, all made in one day.



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  1. June says:

    Wow – as always a great eye for how to put things together! Wonderful choices Claire!

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