Love that Ombre!

Ombre added

I finally found the ombre fabric I wanted for the triangles. I bought 1 and a half yards at Bay quilts of the wrong blue. (i had only seen the color in an email). Then I looked online at the Missouri star Quilt Co. They had several pages of ombre fabric! I bought 3 yard and a half pieces. They said it might take 15 days to get to me because of Covid, but it came much quicker.

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Lone Robin!

start of lone robin

This is the beginning of a new quilt, called a lone robin. It’s an idea from my friend, Julia McLeod, who is in charge of the block of the month for the San Francisco Quilters Guild. She couldn’t figure out a way to do block of the month during Covid, without people having to mail quilt blocks back and forth. So, everyone is going to work on their own quilt, with a monthly prompt, from Julia. May’s prompt was curves or circles. So, above is my first block, which hasn’t been sewn together yet. The next rounds can be added as borders, like a traditional round robin, but could also be more improvisational, and just be added to one side, or more than one side.

Now that I’m looking at it on the screen, I’m not so sure about the layout. Maybe it’s better like this, below? I have 4 small rectangular blocks and 4 larger ones to experiment with. They are samples from the last time I taught circular rectangles at Hello Stitch.

start of lone robin 2


Here’s what Julia says about the process, so that I can refer back to it.

Let me introduce you to a new quilting game I like to call the Lone Robin! It’s part progressive quilt, part mystery quilt, and will be a whole lot of fun when we compare quilts at the end of it! We’ll do this for six months: Each month we’ll complete a stage of our quilt, following that month’s instructions. For those of you with traditional tastes, this will likely mean you make a medallion quilt, building the quilt by adding a new round each month. For the rule-bending modern/art quilters you can choose to add any kind of compositional element—one strip, one chunk—that follows that month’s brief. We’ll all be following the same basic recipe because we’ll all add the same components in the same sequence, but there are no rules about color choices, dimensions, or placement. You can choose how much detail you want to put into this quilt. A plain border with one single motif-of-the-month still qualifies! Instructions will be released May through October via our newsletter, E-Blast, and Facebook page. November will be a “catch up” month and December will be the big reveal! Here’s our starting point for the month of May: Your first element must be something that involves curves or a circle. Go for a paper-pieced block, cut your curves free-hand, appliqué something circular, or even feature a face! This first block can be any size or shape. It’s up to you. Have fun, Lone Robins!

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Auditioning triangles

Medalian background 3

Here’s the simplest option, above.

Medalian background 2

Here’s another simple option.

Medalian background 1Now it’s getting complicated. Here are 4 different options. All are ombre fabrics. I only have a yard of each of these fabrics, so there’s probably only enough fabric for 2 triangles from each fabric. This isn’t a good photo of the colors, but at the moment, I’m leaning towards blue.



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Baby quilt continued

I decided that this baby quilt needed another color. I was thinking purple or hot pink. Some online quilters in the Lib-quilters suggested gold, to go with the giraffes on the back. I went with a cranberry.

Stephanie baby

And here’s the back:

Stephanie baby back



But to appreciate this fabric, which my daughter brought back from Taiwan for me, you need a close up:

giraffeYou might need to click on it to make it larger to really see the giraffes.


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New baby quilt

Stephani blue grey baby quilt

I’ve been busy making fabric face masks for the past month. But I’m back to quilting, at least until I finish this baby quilt. This is the top. It’s finished.

Here is the back, but it wasn’t big enough, so I had to add a strip to the top and the bottom.

back Stephani baby


When I first pulled out fabric for this quilt, i found a fabric that was perfect as far as color, but I decided not to use it, because, even thogh it was supposed to be a flower, it looks too much like a Coronavirus.

corona fabric

I’m working on another quilt that uses this fabric!

safe at home

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Version number 3

version 3

I made a new hamsa block for the center. I combined what I liked the best from the 2 other versions. Here it is all sewn together. Now I need to decide what color the 4 triangles will be.

next step
Here are more than 4 options, for the triangles to put it on point.

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On the other hand…

version 1

version 2

I’m trying to decide which version of this quilt I like better. If anyone reading this has an opinion, I’d love to hear it! This will be a double bed sized quilt, so it will get much larger. If I went with the top version, I would put it on point, so it would also have a diamond in a square format.

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Medallion with Hamsa

in progress medallion

This is the beginning of a quilt that I started working on, a week ago. It will be a medallion quilt, inspired by all the lovely round robin medallion quilts that friends are making in EBHQ and SFQG. I played with the points on the stars. They range from 4 points/triangles up to 11 points!

I originally had a different center, but decided it was too dark, after viewing it on my wall at night. there wasn’t enough contrast at night. In the picture below, there is enough contrast because I photographed it in the day time.

diamond hamsa

Then I redid one of the points/triangles of one of the stars.  I decided that the top triangle was too small. The original is below.

rejected star

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Three hamsas done!

I just put the labels on these three hamsas for the Marketplace section of Voices In Cloth.Orange and Blue HamsaThis one is called Orange and Blue Hamsa.

Bird HamsaBird Hamsa- note that it is asymmetrical and is both a hand and a bird.

Kaffe Kef HamsaKaffe Kef Hamsa, the title of this one, is a bilingual play on words. The name of the fabric designer for the background fabric is Kaffe Fassett. In Hebrew slang, “kef” means fun, and is pronounced almost like Kaffe.

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What I’m working on for Voices In Cloth quilt show

House Hamsa

Here’s a small quilt I’m calling House/Hamsa that will be for sale in the Marketplace section of Voices In Cloth. I’m thinking of adding some beads to it.


This is a small mixed media quilt that i made about my mother. There are copies of old photos and recipe cards in her handwriting. The class I made this quilt in was on what would have been her birthday if she were still alive.

Kevin EBHQ

There is a section of Voices In Cloth that shows quilts or pieces in progress that were made in an EBHQ workshop. So I spelled out EBHQ in fabric in the workshop with Kevin Kosbab. I like the transparency effect I got with the fabric I chose.

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