Quilt Therapy

Elisheva's Dragons 2012

Elisheva’s Dragons 2012

Since I blogged about my younger daughter’s quilt, it seemed only fair that I blog about the quilt I made for Elisheva, my older one. I made it during the summer, after her high school graduation, and finished it before she left for college. Instead of worrying about her going off to college, I worried about whether or not I was going to get her quilt finished in time. It was great therapy for me. I didn’t start it earlier because I was waiting for her to draw me the dragons for the center. Her dragons are vastly superior to mine. She also chose the colors. I’m very happy with how it turned out. The “liberated stars” are from Gwen Marston’s book, Liberated Quiltmaking II.

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5 Responses to Quilt Therapy

  1. Jean says:

    I love this. The dragon center is awesome. I wish I could draw.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Jean. Your comment is the very first one on my new blog.

    • Yousri says:

      As you know, I LOVE Valdani thread. I’ve auclalty been trying their 12wt hand dyes through my sewing machine and it’s working. Recently, I have been delving into the rayons and they are beautiful. The only reason I didn’t use them in my art is I didn’t want the sheen.

  2. I always was interested in this topic and still am, regards for posting .

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