Disappearing pinwheels

I’m continuing to experiment with disappearing blocks. Here’s a pinwheel. I started with squares that were 5″.

pinwheel 2In the next photo I have cut it apart into nine pieces, each 4 1/8″ square.

pinwheel 3Then I rearranged the pieces. Here is option number 1:

pinwheel 4But wait, there’s more. Here is option number 2, which creates a friendship star, with a pinwheel in the middle:

pinwheel 5

Before I made the successful block above, I made an interesting “mistake.” I cut this pinwheel 3 1/8″ from the center seam, four times. Here it is:pinwheel 6 I think this one is interesting too. Here is how I rearranged it.pinwheel 1This  is sort of a checkerboard pinwheel.  Like all of these disappearing blocks, it looks a lot more complicated to make than it actually is.

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