Another birthday postcard


It’s another friend’s birthday. She likes to go bird watching. I looked through two boxes of fabric, looking for birds. This is what I found. I know that somewhere else I have Japanese crane fabric, but it wasn’t in these boxes. Here is the postcard I made for her.

I remember buying the owl fabric because my now 23 year old daughter had a thing about owls when she was little. There was a sculpture of one in a tree near her grandparents’ apartment to scare away other birds. Whenever we visited we had to take a little walk ” to see the owl.” However I didn’t buy this fabric when she was little, because I wasn’t quilting then. I bought it when I was in the midst of making the quilt she took with her when she left for her first year of college. Since only a few pieces of owl fabric made it into her quilt, there’s lots left for other projects.

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