Process photos for Circular Rectangles

Circular Rectangles is the kind of quilt where you keep making units, and put them on a design wall. The blocks don’t get sewn to each other until the whole quilt is on the wall, and you’ve stopped rearranging it. I chose not to square up blocks or make them all the same size in this quilt. Some of the edges are curved rather than straight.

process circular rectangles 1Here’s the first process photo, above.

process circular rectangles 2here’s the second. Note the little white rectangular holes in the design. With this quilt I decided to embrace partial seam construction. I ended up with 3 holes where I needed to sew in a rectangle with partial seam construction.

process circular rectangles 4Here I was working on adding the red to the upper corner, and the blue to the lower corner. I really liked the fabric with the polka dots on the bottom right, but it never made it into the quilt.

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2 Responses to Process photos for Circular Rectangles

  1. June Dodge says:

    Beautiful blocks!
    Will you be teaching this again?

    • admin says:

      Hi June,
      Yes! I’ve taught it twice now, and I’ll certainly teach it again, but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. I’ll probably wait at least 6 months before teaching it again. Would you like to take this class?

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