Liora’s quilt finished!

Liora front

I’m really happy to have finished this quilt in time to take it to the EBHQ meeting which was the Monday before Thanksgiving. It’s always good to have a deadline. And Liora is only a month old, so I’m quite pleased. Especially since her parents weren’t public about what her name was until her baby naming at 8 days old. A week or two before she was born, I brought a pile of about 30 fabrics to her parents for some weeding. These were the 30 fabrics in my stash that had animals on them. I knew her parents loved animals. They whittled it down to 11 favorites and about 10 maybes. I managed to use 5 different animal fabrics on the front, and 5 more on the back, plus a green fabric with computer circuits. (Both her parents are computer techies). Here’s the back:

Liora back

And here’s the label:

Liora lable

The letters on the front are backed with fusible web, then I zigzaged around each letter with a matching thread. I will deliver this quilt tomorrow morning.

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