A doll quilt for an owl

Liora doll quilt front quilted

Here’s the front of the doll quilt I made with owl fabric in the middle. I practiced my free motion quilting on it. After it was finished, I realized that it wasn’t a quilt for a doll, but for Liora’s plush owl. Her owl’s name is, HooHoo. Sure enough, when I gave it to her she immediately covered HooHoo with it. Here is the back of the quilt, which Liora seems to think is the front.

Liora doll quilt backI couldn’t resist putting more owl fabric on the back.

Here is the front and back of a little purse that I made with owl fabric, also for Liora.

pursePurse back

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2 Responses to A doll quilt for an owl

  1. June says:

    This is so funny – “Here is the back of the quilt, which Liora seems to think is the front”. I had the same thing happen with my DH. He asked me for some art for his bathroom – and instead of showing off my walking foot quilting on solid fabric, he pinned it so the pieced from extra fabric that was hanging around showing! Well, in your case, both sides are nice. I noticed this idea from Lori Kennedy – https://lorikennedyquilts.com/free-owl-paper-piecing-pattern/
    You might like to look at it.

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