Blue Windows finished!

My blue quilt, now named “Blue Windows,” is finished! The deadline for the Prism Play quilts is Thursday, so it’s not even the last minute! Here’s the quilt and a detail shot. In the detail there is a face that I inadvertently created in the quilting stitches.

Blue Windows Detail


Blue Windows


I wrote various bits about the quilt, and an artist statement for this entry form. I’ll share them below.

150 words about Blue Windows

When I was a ceramic sculptor, I used a lot of architectural imagery in my work. However, I rarely use it in my quilts. I’m inspired by the variety of buildings, bridges, and castles I’ve seen in my travels. In the Middle East, doors and window frames are frequently painted blue to repel the “evil eye,” or misfortune. In this monochromatic quilt I chose to explore how house forms can be constructed from an improvisational log cabin block with a flying goose triangle for a roof. I pieced circular rectangle blocks for both the sky and the water, conveniently both are frequently blue. Choosing a full range of blues was the key to making a dynamic monochromatic quilt. It was surprising how many blue fabrics  exist that weren’t on my color card!

Prism Blue

As a reminder, here is the color card and the pile of fabrics, before I began.

50 words about the techniques:

I pieced improvisational log cabin blocks with a flying goose triangle for a roof. There’s a little machine appliqué as well. My circular rectangle blocks form both the sky and the water. The different quilting treatments help differentiate the sky from the water.


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