Amazing Abstracts with Julia Graves

I just spent two days in Julia Graves¬†Amazing Abstracts EBHQ workshop. It’s foundation piecing on a muslin foundation. The whole quilt design is mapped out in advance with little snippets of fabric on double stick tape, on an index card or smaller. Here’s the quick sketch i started from:


Here’s my mockup with fabric stuck to it.

mock up

Now a sheet of plastic is placed over the design, and a grid marked.

mock up with grid

I stayed up past midnight on the second day of the workshop to finish the first 9 blocks. I decided it was done! Somewhere early in the process,¬†I forgot that I wanted it to be a spiral, and not concentric circles. I also neglected the step of drawing out guidelines across all the blocks, because I hate planning out everything in advance. That’s just not how I usually work.

Amazing Abstracts

I’m happy with how this turned out, even though it’s not a spiral. I’m glad I learned a new technique!

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