Back of hourglass quilt

hourglass back

Here’s the back of the disappearing hourglass quilt I finished recently. I put an hourglass block, cut into nine pieces to show the process on the back. I used a facing rather than a regular binding on this quilt. Look below for “First quilt finished in 2018,” to see the front.

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VIC quilts

Axis Mundi

This one is called Axis Mundi: Jacob’s Ladder.

Improv Stars

This one is Improv Stars.

These are the two quilts I’m entering in Voices In Cloth this year. The first is guaranteed to get in, and the second will get in if there is enough room. I will also have several small pieces hanging on the “Workshop Wall”. This is a spot for projects that were started in an EBHQ workshop. Since I’m the co-chair of workshops this year, I get to go to all of them for free.

In other news two other quilts of mine were rejected by QuiltCon, the show of the Modern Quilt Guild, of which I am a member. If you search #QuiltCon Reject, you will find hundreds of amazingly beautiful quilts that were also rejected. I guess I’m in good company.

Here are photos of the two “rejected”quilts:

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

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First quilt finished in 2018

D. Hourglass

This was supposed to be the last quilt of 2017. Instead it’s the first quilt of 2018. It’s a disappearing hourglass block. The photo isn’t very good, but at least you can see the quilting stitches. On the back is an hourglass block cut into nine pieces, to show the process. I’ll add a photo of that as soon as I take one. This quilt won’t be hanging in the EBHQ Voices In Cloth quilt show, because I need it for my demo about disappearing blocks during the show. This quilt is square, I just took the photo at a weird angle.

Here is a link to one of my blog posts about how to make and cut up Disappearing hourglass blocks.

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What I’m working on…


The deadline for submitting pieces for Voices In Cloth is approaching. I’ve been busy finishing various projects. I rarely sew garments but sewing an apron seemed doable. I examined several that I’ve acquired over the years. I liked the shape of the basic butcher’s apron. The two I own are made of cotton that’s thicker than quilting cotton- more like canvas or home-dec fabric. This made me think of Marimekko fabric, which is the thickness I was looking for. I have some Marimekko fabric that was part of my mother’s fabric stash. She wasn’t a quilter but she made dresses out of Marimekko. I found a 2 yard piece of brown and orange that I sewed into an apron, remarkably quickly. I modeled it on the ones I own, but I added ruffles on the bottom edge. I usually run into trouble when I try to sew garments, but since this one was so simple, I didn’t mess up. I’m looking forward to baking my mom’s apple tart, while wearing her fabric, which was clearly intended to be a dress for her.

I’m also entering two quilts in the show, and several small projects on the Workshop Wall.

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Sujata inspired place-mat or very small quilt

Sujata placemat]

I’m hoping to finish another quilt that’s larger than 12″ x 12″ before 2017 ends. Meanwhile I finished this place-mat which I started in Sujata Shah’s EBHQ workshop. This is the block she calls crossroads. I’m also working on finishing a small disappearing hourglass quilt. More about that in my next post.

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A few Gee’s Bend quilts at the de Young Museum

I went to the de Young Museum, Sunday. It was great- no crowds of people, no traffic, and lots of parking spaces. There are some quilts there that the museum has purchased from Gee’s Bend quilters and from a local African American quilter. I had a great time at the museum with my husband and daughters, although I was the only one interested in the quilts. Here are some photos:

image image image image image

Its hard to to pick a favorite, they each have lovely details.

The third quilt is by Rosie Lee Tompkins, a quilter whom Eli Leon wrote about.

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Magic squares

magic squaresHere is a block called magic squares, also from the Mac Attack workshop  at New Pieces. This is a tessellation.  All four of the pieces in each block are identical.

I must have rearranged the pieces as I was sewing them together. There was supposed to be a teal pinwheel in the center, between the red one and the orange one. I like it this way too. I was in a hurry when I sewed it together. I had missed almost two hours of the workshop when I went home to let in the furnace repair guy. I dashed back and tried to absorb everything I’d missed as fast as possible.

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Mac Attack class

I took an improvisational piecing class at New Pieces called Mac Attack with Mike MacNamara. Here are some photos:


This one started as two fabrics one on top of the other. I had a half yard of orange and a half yard of blue. You make two cuts through both fabrics. Then you swap the middle fabric and sew them back together.  This is the piece that had two blue strips and orange in the middle. Then I cut that into wedge shaped pieces, mixed them up and sewed them back together.

image image

Here is the other piece of fabric that was two orange strips with a blue one in the center. I added a red strip. If I had to do it again I think I would use yellow rather than red. I didn’t get a chance to sew this one together because I had to go home to let the furnace repair guy in. We didn’t have any heat, so it really needed to be fixed.

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Axis Mundi or Jacob’s Ladder

Here’s another quilt finished in 2017! I feel like most of my energy has gone to 12″ x 12″s this year, so it’s important to me to have finished a few larger quilts

Axis Mundi

I made a smaller version of this quilt for the 12 x 12 show. This one is 31″ x 21″. Here’s what I wrote about it: In a Joey Weisenberg workshop on singing wordless songs (nigunim) for hours as meditation, I learned that the Hebrew word for “ladder” also means “musical scale.” That inspired this quilt. My ladder is pieced from sheet music fabric. An axis mundi is a place on earth with a direct connection to God.

I couldn’t decide whether to call it Axis Mundi or Jacob’s Ladder. Maybe “Axis Mundi or Jacob’s Ladder” will be its title.

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12 x 12 show opening

Here I am at the opening of the 12 x 12 show last Sunday.

imageAll the quilts to my right are mine. This year everyone could have up to eight of their twelve pieces in the show. Thank you to all of you who came to the opening. There were so many people there that I didn’t get to talk to everyone.

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