Berkeley Public Library’s annual quilt show

I won the lottery (sort of)! The central/main Berkeley Public Library has a quilt show in the second floor’s original lobby, and by the reference desk. Anyone can have a postcard size quilt in the show, but there’s a lottery for the limited space for larger quilts. I won the lottery for the right to put a 3′ x 3′ quilt in the show. I have a few quilts in that size that I could have used, but I wanted it to be something new. However, my newest quilts are my 12″ x 12″ quilts. I took nine of my favorite 12 x 12’s, safety pinned them together, and pinned on a hanging sleeve. Like magic, I had a new 3′ x 3′ quilt! It’s hanging over the reference desk on the second floor. If you go to the show, ask at the reference desk for the show catalog. Each quilt has a number. Only if you look in the catalog, will you know who made the quilt, or any other information about it. The show is up from May 1 through June 5.

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