VIC quilts

Axis Mundi

This one is called Axis Mundi: Jacob’s Ladder.

Improv Stars

This one is Improv Stars.

These are the two quilts I’m entering inĀ Voices In Cloth this year. The first is guaranteed to get in, and the second will get in if there is enough room. I will also have several small pieces hanging on the “Workshop Wall”. This is a spot for projects that were started in an EBHQ workshop. Since I’m the co-chair of workshops this year, I get to go to all of them for free.

In other news two other quilts of mine were rejected by QuiltCon, the show of the Modern Quilt Guild, of which I am a member. If you search #QuiltCon Reject, you will find hundreds of amazingly beautiful quilts that were also rejected. I guess I’m in good company.

Here are photos of the two “rejected”quilts:

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

C & J Wedding Quilt 2015

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

Orange Is the New Purple 2015

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